Clubs & Units

Monthly Shrine Club Meetings

1st Monday                                                                  

Rizpah Tri – Corps President: John Scott

1st Thursday

Butler County Shrine Club                                                      President: Ron Baldwin          


2nd Monday

Owensboro Shrine Club                                                          President: Brian Forest                                   

Princeton Shrine Club                                                     President: Garrie Cope                              

2nd Tuesday

Logan County Shrine Club                                                    President: Jeffrey Gillespie      

2nd Wednesday                      

2nd Thursday

Rizpah Temple Meeting (except July and August)

Legion of Honor                                President: Jim Bryan                

Muhlenberg Co. Shrine Club                                     President: RMarshall Co. and Paducah Shrine Club                         President: Dan Lynn                                                 

3rd Monday

Muhlenberg Co. Shrine Club President: Rennie Woodall

Marshal Co. and Paducah SC President: Dan Lynn

3rd Thursday

Rizpah Loonies                                                        President: Bobby Collins

4th Monday

Ohio County Shine Club                                                  President: Billy Jameson

4th Thursday

Fort Campbell Shrine Club                                                  President: Charles Robertson

Bowling Green Shrine Club                                                     President: William Tribbitt

Madisonville Shrine Club          President: Robert Wilson              

Ken-Tenn Shrine Club                                                         President: Earl Rodgers

Henderson Shrine Club        President: Richard Beals

4th Friday

Rizpah Cutups                                                                                          President: Jeff Jones

The Hillbilly Clan #37 (meets at the Fall Ceremonial)         President: Mike Stewart

Rizpah Mariners (meet quarterly)                                                 President: Brian McDaniel

Franklin Shrine Club (meets bi-monthly)                                   President: Robert P Cummings, Jr