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February 11th,2016 Temple meeting.
February 13th,2016 Pirates of the Caribbean party.
March 10th,2016 Temple meeting.
March 26th, 2016 Easter Egg Hunter at 2:00pm
April 14th,2016 Temple meeting.
April 16th, 2016 Spring Ceremonial (Hillbilly to Follow)
April 30th, 2016 Legion of Honor Ball
May 5th-7th,2016 Fun fest.
May 12th,2016 Temple Meeting
June 25th ,2016 Golf Tournament
June 9th,2016 Temple Meeting
June 11th,2016 Frog day
July 3rd-7th,2016 Imperial Session
July 30th-31st 2016 Board of Governors Weekend
August 11th,2016 Temple Dark
August 13th,2016 Steak Night / Casino Night
August 14th,2016 SASA & Ball meeting @9:00
September 8th,2016 Temple meeting and Legion of Honor meeting
September 9th -10th 2016 Pote's Ball ( Sword of Bunker Hill)
September 30th,2016 Pote's weekend
October 1st,2016 Pote's Weekend(Discovery Park Union City,TN)
October 13th 2016 Temple Meeting
October 29th,2016 Fall Ceremonial (Halloween Party to follow)
November 10th,2016 Temple Meeting
December 8th,2016 Temple election
December 17th,2016 Christmas Party
December 31st,2016 New years Party